The Pied Pear

Rick Scott & Joe Mock

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Roots duo PIED PEAR, Rick Scott and Joe Mock, rode into town for a once in a lifetime tour.
Scott and Mock pioneered indie roots music 1974 -76 with Shari Ulrich in the trio Pied Pumkin. When Shari joined the Hometown Band, the Pumkin became PIED PEAR. From 1976-1982 Rick and Joe toured far and wide playing concerts, dances and festivals. They represented Canada at the Knoxville Worlds fair. They released three albums. They were rumoured to be the only duo guaranteed to make folks dance. They both went on to explore other creative interests. Joe Mock to Japan and now France. In 2011 they returned to play from some of the vast Pear repertoire which had not been heard in over 3 decades.
A PIED PEAR "Collectors Edition" retrospective CD was released for the tour.

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"The Pear rocked, they hypnotized, they celebrated, they stole their way into the emotions of their captive audience. A most delightful evening and a good time for all.
We want more, more, more. . ."

From the very first night of the very first Vancouver Folk Festival
“Later that night,” says Gary Cristall, “when Pied Pear worked their magic and got a standing ovation in the rain, I knew we were on to something.”

THE GATEWAY "One of the most interesting, unique and complete performances to hit Edmonton in a long while. . .mode and music come together in a very rare mixture, carrying the listerner away in an almost hypnotic flow"

The VANCOUVER SUN "joyful without being intoxicating, intelligent without being intellectual. . .thoughtful arrangements of instruments and voices . . .and an explosion of humor and personality"

The PROVINCE "surreal kibbitzing. . .it is impossible not to fall for them. . .terminal performing lunacy does have it's advantages"

The WINNIPEG FREE PRESS "founders of punk folk. . .instrumentally advanced doodling, stong vocal harmonies, and slightly corny weird humor"

The ALBERTAN "an unswerving idealsim concerning themselves and their music that is all the more refreshing for it's rarity . . .closer to a celebration than a concert"

MACEWAN JOURNAL "playing string music that never fails to have people jumping all over the dance floor in merriment and hight spirits"

The GEORGIA STRAIGHT " the dance floor bounced like a trampoline"

photo by Judy Weiser

Jim Mountain: A most memorable time for me was hosting you both at the Lethbridge Folk Club in the early 80's..I drove your from the Greyhound station to the club, you were both pretty tired and quiet in the car, and then hit the stage, gave this incredible performance to a standing ovation..a wonderful night you gave us..

Christa and Bryan Morrisson: We are still getting positive feed back and we had a blast! thank you!
House concert went down well here! Many people have gone out of their way to say how much they enjoyed the Revival! We certainly did!

Marion Crook: It was wonderful to see you and be part of all that music and joy. Everyone enjoyed themselves and talked about it  after as being a great experience.

Jerome Jarvis: "Tour over already ! Vancouver folk fest maybe? You guys should never stop, maybe take a few days off and start again. What you can do with a few chords and some words and a room full of people defies all the rules of "show Biz" Hoping to see some recent videos. The world is still waiting to meet you/ Love Love and more Love."

Victor Wells: I really enjoy the St. James show in Van.  The Pear rules!

Doug Mackenzie: You guys have not grown old, you have grown better with the passing time. Long may you run.

Barbara Pedrick Blied: The Pear were so lovely last night. What a delightful reminder of it all. You were wonderful and are timeless

Doug Edwards: I totally loved the show.