Finally Zowee!

Three sets from the Pied Pear’s “last” concert at the OAP Hall in Victoria in 1984.

Big Thanks to Bob Montgomery for filming and editing this concert and for the heaps of expertise and time given to bring it into the digital age. On top of all this, his efforts come with a bundle of TLC.

We’re making it available for free. Instead of making a DVD we put the show online. If you care to contribute to the production costs that would be greatly appreciated. Sort of crowdfunding in reverse: you gets the goods before contributing.

The first $500 contribution will receive Joe's hand-painted 1989 tour jacket (un-laundered) from the Pied Pumkins' first re-union. Kidding (seriously), funds can be easily sent using;INTERAC® e-Transfer to the email address

Or with PayPal for credit cards and other means

We're looking forward to your response to this little bit of Piedhistory. Enjoy!


Set 1:; Mixall Lake / Swings da Ting / Come Home / Chicken Finger Ramble

Caught in the Rain / Lotus Eaters Blues / When the Bell Rings

Papa Do Wah Diddy / Ming 14